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Energy Jobline has the largest network of energy professionals and jobs globally. We work incredibly hard to connect our clients with the best talent for their jobs through a variety of different methods, including sophisticated email technology and social media engagement. 

The Energy Jobline account managers are readily available to offer your business continual support and ensure all client needs are consistently met. 

We provide bespoke packages for each of our clients based on their recruitment needs. For more information on the best value package for your business, please get in touch with the Energy Jobline sales team:

+44 (0) 203 327 0136

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Why Energy Jobline?

Energy Jobline is the online recruitment platform of choice for energy professionals and employers worldwide. We work with the major energy companies on a global spectrum, who use Energy Jobline as their key online resource for attracting and retaining female talent.

With a client base of 400 energy employers and agencies and a live job count of up to 27,000 roles, Energy Jobline is the largest energy job board on a global spectrum.

Energy Jobline widens the typical talent pool with innovative products and marketing campaigns, constantly pushing the boundaries to acquire the world’s top talent. We are more than just a job board to our clients- we are their recruitment strategy solution.

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